Davis Faculty for Israel 



DFI is committed to presenting a constructive and accurate view of the Jewish state of Israel at the University of California, Davis.  We oppose actions and statements that unfairly and inaccurately vilify Israel.  Our formation in early 2015 was largely motivated by an increase in anti-Israel advocacy at UCD and throughout the UC system, particularly the promotion of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) actions against Israel.  Davis Faculty for Israel has approximately 43 members as of late 2015. 


Priorities:  Our top priority is to monitor and call out anti-Israel political advocacy on the part of academic units that misuse public resources in violation of state law and UC policies.  A second priority is to seek a campus climate that is respectful of Jewish and pro-Israel students and that avoids political intimidation in the classroom.

UCD Administration: We aim to work constructively with the UCD administration to foster a campus environment supportive of Jewish and Israeli students and faculty, while retaining the independence to critique particular actions or inactions.  

Collaborations:  We are not alone in our concerns about anti-Israel actions and discourse at UCD.  Accordingly we share resources, information, and projects with a variety of like-minded campus and external groups.  On-campus they include the student Aggies for Israel and Hillel @ Davis/Sacramento.  Off-campus, our collaborators include the national Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, California Jewish Legislative Caucus, Consulate General of Israel—San Francisco, Amicha Initiative, Jewish Community Relations Council-Jewish Federation of Sacramento, and the Israel Matters Committee of Congregation Bet Haverim in Davis.

Offense and Defense: As well as acting against anti-Israel bias at UCD, we seek proactively to highlight the many exemplary characteristics of Israel, the sole democratic state in the Middle East. This includes the extensive research and other academic collaborations between Israeli and UCD faculty that benefit society.   

DFI is affiliated with Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, a national organization of university faculty committed to promoting peace in the Middle East through fact-based discourse.  For further information about SPME, see http://www.spme.net


To join DFI or obtain further information, please contact JOEL HASS at HASS@MATH.Ucdavis.edu.