An AFI Leadership Statement

Published Work

Al Sokolow

Davis Faculty For Israel (DFI) 


"UC Davis is not unique among major universities in the United States in maintaining close ties with Israeli institutions. Most other UC campuses also have extensive collaborations, with faculty at UC Berkeley co-authoring with Israeli academics more than 1400 publications in recent years. Examples of major US universities in other parts of the country that have similar connections include Cornell which operates with the Technion an applied science campus in New York City and the University of Chicago which works with Ben Gurion University to develop water purification technologies.

The remainder of this report highlights specific projects and areas of collaboration at UC Davis." - Al Sokolow



Published Op-eds by afi students

The Huffington Post

My 15-Day Journey Confronting Divestment at UC Davis

"Fifteen days.

I only had 15 days in office before my university faced the Divestment, Boycott and Sanctions Resolution. As the incoming president of Aggies for Israel, the University of California, Davis' pro-Israel student organization, I was elected 15 days before leading my community through the largest hurdle pro-Israel students face on a college campus: Divestment. 

Fifteen days to plan, strategize and act. Fifteen days to delegate, collaborate and struggle. Fifteen days to lose sleep. Fifteen days to gain the trust of a whole community and empower them to believe in me, as a leader, and to believe in themselves.
But those 15 days don't define me." - Julia Reifkind

The David Project

Building Bridges: The Successes of the Pro-Israel Community at UC Davis

'"I want to talk about Israel,'"she said.

“OK, shoot,” I replied.

At this point, my knowledge of Israel was minimal. I knew where it was located and I knew Israel was historically the United States’ ally. Besides those basic concepts and perhaps small flashes regarding current events on various news stations, I knew very little, and never imagined that it would matter and leave a lasting impact on me. After all I wasn’t Jewish, so I never felt any obligation to commit myself to the subject." - Ryan Wonders