Myths and Facts

MYTH:  Aggies for Israel is a right-wing organization that believes in a one-state solution and conservative Israeli politics. AFI is the voice for the Israeli parliamentary.

FACT:  False, Aggies for Israel is a bipartisan organization that is not affiliated with any political ideologies.  We do not advocate for any Israeli policies and have no formal stance on any issues related to borders, settlements or territorial disputes.  We are a student organization working to promote positive pro-Israel discourse on campus and to give students the forum to have these important conversations in a respectful and educational manner.

MYTH: Aggies for Israel is an organization only for Jewish students.

FACT: False, Aggies for Israel is an inclusive student organization open to any students on campus.  We encourage those who are not familiar with our movement to get to know us better through attending our events and meetings.  AFI is welcome to any member of the Davis community who believes in the future of the state of Israel, regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, or religion.

MYTH: Aggies for Israel operates under an umbrella organization who uses funding to control the AFI agenda.

FACT: False, Aggies for Israel is an independently operating student organization.  We have our own ideas, events and leadership roles as a singular group.

FACT: Enough myths, check out who we REALLY are right here

How Can I get Involved?

Interested in joining Aggies for Israel? Check our events tab, we will post our meeting times and upcoming events there!  Meetings and events are free and open to any student. We look forward to seeing you there!

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