Aggies For Israel (AFI) is a student-run organization at the University of California, Davis dedicated to the preservation of the everlasting bond between the United States and Israel. AFI is welcome to any member of the local community who believes in the future of the state of Israel, regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, or religion. AFI is a bipartisan organization that promotes a pro-Israel and a pro-peace ideology through positive and inclusive community events and outreach. 

Why We Care

Individuals involved with Aggies for Israel are a group of UC Davis students who are extremely passionate about the future of the state of Israel and promoting peace and positive activism on campus. Whether we are involved because we have family in Israel, we are Jewish, or we are politically inclined; we are all here because we first and foremost care about peace. We believe in promoting a peaceful coexistence for all who live in the region and promoting a peaceful discourse on campus to better foster an environment of inclusion and acceptance. We believe that supporting Israel is not a Jewish issue, but an American one. The United States needs Israel because of their shared democratic values, strategic military capability and their technological advancements and Israel needs the U.S. for the exact same reasons. It is our mission to protect Israel and reach out to other students across campus to work together to strengthen this alliance.